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About MPH Hotels:

MPH Hotels was formed in early 2003 to develop, manage and sell limited service hotels throughout the United States.   Its sole shareholder, Michael P. Holtz, has developed over 150 hotels in the US. As president of Arlington Hospitality Inc., Mr. Holtz was responsible for the creation and growth of the AmeriHost Inn hotel brand.  During his tenure with Arlington, he developed nearly 100 AmeriHost Inn hotels. 

In 2016, Waterview Hospitality, LLC. was formed as a joint venture with MPH Hotels, Inc. (Michael P. Holtz) and MB 23 LLC. (Michael B. Holtz) to undertake the management of the hotels the Company develops going forward. Waterview's primary objective is to maximize the Net Operating Income of each hotel to bring the full value to the ownership entity of that particular hotel. This will be accomplished through a strong adherence to the Guiding Principles of the Company. They are as follows:

  1. Lead by example

  2. Check our ego at the door

  3. Treat everyone with respect at all times

  4. Always do the right thing in the pursuit of excellence

  5. Strive to make maximum profits

  6. Reward exemplary performance

  7. Under promise and over deliver

  8. Change the world not adapt to it

  9. Realize that policy is no substitute for good judgment

  10. Have fun

MPH Hotels also has developed a Daily Reporting System web based program called DRSPro. Every day all members of the company login into the system and review all the important revenue and payroll information of our hotels. Compare them to last year and to budget to help us stay on track. They can also compare themselves with the other hotels in our group. If you would like more information about DRSPro you can click here.