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About Us


MPH Hotels, Inc. was formed in early 2003 to develop, manage and sell limited service hotels throughout the United States.   Its sole shareholder, Michael P. Holtz, has developed over 150 hotels in the US over the past ten years as president and CEO of Arlington Hospitality, Inc.   As president of Arlington Hospitality Inc., Mr. Holtz was responsible for the creation and growth of the AmeriHost Inn hotel brand.  During his tenure with Arlington, he developed nearly 100 AmeriHost Inn hotels.  As president of MPH Hotels, Inc., Mr. Holtz was responsible for the development/acquisition of 16 hotels over the past five years.


MPH Hotels, Inc. strategy is simple:  Develop limited service hotels, typically 75 to 120 rooms in secondary markets; operate these for a period of time; then sell the hotel and realize the potential gain for the investors.   There is a tremendous opportunity for growth as the secondary markets continue to grow throughout the country as the need for quality lodging in these markets expands.  Since its inception, MPH Hotels, Inc. has developed/acquired and/or constructed 23 hotels in seven states.


Contact Information 


Michael P. Holtz:


  P: (727) 289-3844

  F: (727) 289-3707


Alan Hardway

VP of Operations

  P: (304) 482-3611

  F: (800) 553-1724


Michael B. Holtz

VP of Development

  P: (727) 592-4927

  F: (727) 289-3707


Randy Gibbons:

VP of Construction

  P: (727) 914-8885

  F: (727) 289-3707




100 2nd Avenue South

Suite 1103 - S

St. Petersburg, FL 33701